Casa Catana
A swimming pool stretches across Casa Catana, a conceptual leisure residence in Crete (Credit: KRAK Architects, Konstantinos Stathopoulos)

A dynamic residence that embodies the spirit of Crete

The conceptual house offer unobstructed vistas while maintaining privacy


Embedded in the unique Southern Cretan landscape and inspired by the form of a katana, a curved single-edged Japanese sword, Casa Katana is a leisure residence designed by Konstantinos Stathopoulos from Greece-based KRAK architects.

Stathopoulos’ main concern when designing the contemporary home was ensuring its visual impact on the site was minimal, leaving its beauty unspoiled. “The idea was inspired by the unique morphology of the plot and the particular characteristics of the site, the rock formations, its orientation and views.”

“Towards this direction, after lots of sketches, the idea came up in the form of a soft crooked line made by a fleeting watercolour monocondyle. This gesture was developed and en-graved in the plot resembling the mark of a sharp yet gentile cut from a Katana sword.”

Providing unobstructed views and privacy at the same time, the subterranean dwelling with its cave-like aesthetic offers residents what Stathopoulos calls “an escape from the urban landscape”.

(Credit: KRAK Architects Konstantinos Stathopoulos

Casa Katana sits in the terrain “as if it were made to live in its bowels a Minotaur and the engravings of movements like another thread of Ariadne”—a mythical Cretan princess and the daughter of King Minos of Crete —” to lead your way inwards and from there back out towards the light of the Libyan Sea,” Stathopoulos says.

KRAK Architects envisages that Casa Katana would be constructed from concrete, and will comprise of an open plan living-dining area and four large bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, alongside a large office, parking, storage spaces, and an infinity pool overlooking the sea.

Casa Odyssia, a Doric residence in the Ionian Sea, is another project of KRAK. Architects and was selected amongst the best designs for the 10th Biennale of Young Greek Architects. Located in the northeastern part of the island of Corfu, Casa Odyssia aims to host it’s user, the modern Odysseus. Like the rocks emerging from the wild landscape, as an anchor, is a space of rest, meditation, hospitality.

Casa Odyssia, Corfu, Greece (Credit: KRAK. Architects)

Villa Aquatica, also designed by KRAK. Architects, constitutes a symbolic example of “a story of rebirth”. The ground floor hosts the living room and the main room, whereas, on the lower level, there are two guesthouses with independent entrances. The guesthouses offer a special architectural experience of “diving” as they are bathed in the refracted light of the swimming pool. The design of Villa Aquatica started from the place. The plot is also located in Corfu, elevated by the sea, with special morphology and views.

Villa Aquatica (Credit: KRAK. Architects)

Konstantinos Stathopoulos, has earned a MSc in Materials Science and Engineering (June 2015) from the School of Chemical Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens. He also holds an Architectural Engineering degree from the School of Architectural Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens. During his academic studies, he participated in numerous workshops specifically oriented in traditional building techniques. In addition he was working occasionally as a concept designer, scenographer assistant and muralist.

“The environment in which we are called to act is often characterized by rigid habits and perceptions. But just as in the crack (KRAK.) of a rock we see a flower sprouting, so the architectural ideas hatch in these cracks.”


KRAK Architects      Konstantinos Stathopoulos