Agritourism Greek farm
Farm vacation (Credit: Pixabay)

Agritourism: Vacationing on a Greek farm

Explore the charm of rural life, reconnect with nature, unplug from technology, support local rural communities, learn farming skills


Far from the formalities and bustle of the modern city, agritourist farms around Greece give their guests the opportunity to gain a deep insight in ecology, farming, regional gastronomy, local customs and reconnect with mother nature.

Nearly one fifth of the country is included in the European Ecological NATURA 2000 network, which in itself is an indication of the richness of the ecology. Approximately 50,000 species of animals live in Greece. About 700 species of animals and over 900 species of plants are protected due to their rarity and the crucial role they play in the natural environment.

Agrotourism where agriculture and tourism meet, has become a cultural phenomenon, thanks to the great attraction the countryside holds for an increasingly urbanized society.

The UWTO defines Agrotourism or Rural Tourism as “a type of tourism activity in which the visitor’s experience is related to a wide range of products generally linked to nature-based activities, agriculture, rural lifestyle/culture, angling and sightseeing.”

Agrotourism enterprises, most of them small and family-run, feature guesthouses or restaurants, organize seminars for cultivations of various products, lessons of cookery and pastry or workshops for pottery, knitting or other folk activities.

Olive trees in Greece (Credit: DanaTentis on Pixabay)

For those who love animals, getting to know how to take care of cattle or sheep may be a challenge
but also a rewarding experience, as you don’t have the chance to see cattle’s grazing or milking every day.

Apart from taking part in farm activities like harvesting olives and grapes from centuries-old groves and grapevines or bee-keeping in the midst of the Greek nature, you can also combine your stay with with wandering national parks, wetlands and stunning landscapes. Indulge in a variety of sports including mountain biking, mountaineering, hiking, horseback riding, rafting in the waters of rivers, there’s a range of activities to suit any interest. Don’t miss the nearby historic landmarks either: Greece is full of them.

Grapes (Credit: Bruno on Pixabay)

Surrounded by unique natural beauty farms become a perfect place for a relaxed holiday. Your rewards?Physically and mentally relaxation, spending free time with family or friends, interaction with nature and opportunity to purchase fresh products directly from local farmers while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Farm stays tend to be on the simple side (although exceptions exist). But that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be sleeping in a barn alongside barrels of hay on an agritourism trip. Most places offer comfortable accommodations, ranging from modest rooms to luxuriously decorated farmhouses.

Agritourism has advantages for everyone involved. It has the potential to help revitalize rural economies, educate the public about agriculture, and preserve agricultural heritage. In addition, farms may find agritourism an attractive option because it provides more labor opportunities for local residents.