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Greek Daily News 05/02/2024


-A new draft law will ensure public access to beach areas, To Vima reported. Mandatory free access for the public will be maintained for 50% of the beach area exploited by hotels, restaurants, or other businesses.
Those who obstruct public access to the sea, the shore, and the beach will face fines of up to €60,000.

-A plenary Session of the Council of State (CoS), Greece’s highest administrative court, ruled on Friday that the imposition of an annual tax fee (ranging from 500 to 650 euros) on self-employed professionals (single-person businesses) does not violate specific provisions of the Greek Constitution.

-Eight hundred farmers in Thessaly, central Greece, are demanding the restoration of some 18,000 hectares of land around Lake Karla that was flooded during Storm Daniel storm last September, Kathimerini reported.