Greek daily news

Greek Daily News 06/12/2023



-The Greek economy will slow from 1.3% in Q2 to 0.4% in Q3, negatively impacted by the natural disasters sustained by the country, but that it will still post overall growth of 2.3% for 2023, according to Morgan Stanley.

-Citizens of Greece spent more than they saved and posted negative savings rates of -4.0%, Eurostat household savings figures from 2022 showed.


Yannos Kontopoulos, managing director of the Athens Stock Exchange, told “The Growthfund Summit”, that the bourse is in the phase of transition to the developed markets.


Greeks are preparing for the Christmas holiday season, with hotel reservations currently ranging between 40% and 60%, To Vima reported. Demand is expected to peak, reaching an average reservation rate of 85%-90% during the festive 15-day period. On average, prices have seen a 5% increase.