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Greek Daily News 08/05/2024



Greek shipowners rank first in tanker orderbook at the end of April, according to data from Xclusiv Shipbrokers. Of the 751 tankers currently being built at the yards, 222, i.e. 30%, belong to shipping companies of Greek interests.


There are currently 9,478 golden visa applications up for review, 6,228 of which submitted in 2023, according to data released by the Migration & Asylum Ministry. Last year, a total of 4,444 visas were approved accounting for property sales valued at around 1.1 billion euros or more.


Travel receipts in Greece in 2023 grew by 16.5% to 20.6 billion euros on an annual basis, the Bank of Greece reported. The development was driven by an 11.6% increase in receipts from residents of the EU27, which stood at 11.169 billion euros or 54.2% of total travel receipts and by an 18.3% rise in receipts from residents of other countries to some 8.6 billion euros. The five most visited regions, accounting for 83.9% of total visits, were: Attica, the Southern Aegean, Central Macedonia, Crete and the Ionian Islands.

(Source: The Bank of Greece)