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Greek Daily News 16/04/2024



-Prices in the last 4.5 years have risen 15.01% in Greece, but the increase stands at 19.01% for households with a monthly income up to €750. Increases in food burdened households on average by 49%, while the burden on households with incomes up to €750 is 59%, according to the analysis by the Netrino consultancy firm.

-Greeks have the second to the bottom—just above Bulgaria—purchasing power in the EU according to Eurostat. Greece having an investment/GDP ratio of around 16%, which is well below the EU average.

-The first funds are preparing to withdraw from the Greek hotel market, with traditional Greek hoteliers as well as Greek investment firms gearing up for a second growth opportunity, To Vima reported.


Greece prepares to welcome the highest number of foreign visitors in its history this year, around 35 million according to expert estimates, but several destinations are not prepared for them with basic public infrastructure remaining woefully inadequate, Kathimerini reported.


-Greek-owned fleet represents over 17% of the world fleet (in terms of tonnage – dwt), which ranks it in first place, the Bank of Greece’s (BoG) annual report showed.

Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia, Greece (Credit: en:User:Salonica84, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)

-The northern city of Thessaloniki’s port welcomed the largest containership in its history. This is Apl Detroit (built in 2014 with Singapore flag), 328.2 meters long and with a capacity of 9,326 TEUs, Naftemporiki reported.


-The Olympic flame will be lit on April 16, 2024 in the Holy Land of Ancient Olympia in Peloponnese to begin its journey to the French capital for the “ Paris 2024” Olympic Games. The lighting ceremony will begin at 11.30 a.m. and will be open to the public. No prior reservation is required and there is no entrance fee to attend.


-Restrictions for the fire season start earlier on the island of Crete and the islands of South and North Aegean as of Monday (April 15). The restrictions regard the use of flame outdoors and specifically in the countryside.