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Greek Daily News 19/03/2024



-An annual phone survey conducted in January 2024 by the Marketing Lab of the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) showed that Greek consumers are increasingly turning to private label products as they strive to lower their grocery bills amid stubbornly high prices. According to the survey, private label products now account for 36% of the household basket, up from 33% in 2023.

-The Ministry of National Economy and Finance is expected to submit a legislative provision with stricter conditions for obtaining a “Golden Visa” (a residence permit and free movement in the Schengen countries) within the week. Today, Greece is divided into two zones, with the acquisition of the “Golden Visa” costing €250,000 in the cheap areas and €500,000 in the expensive ones.


Greek shipowners play a leading role in the dry bulk market, having strengthened their fleets with 187 bulk carriers in the last 12 months, Naftemporiki reported citing data from shipping brokers.


-Actions will be taken to address the short-term tourist rental market, in order to ensure fair play in the hospitality sector, Greek Tourism Minister Olga Kefalogianni told the “Greece Talks” conference held in the northern port city of Thessaloniki.

-Paros island in the Cyclades was recently featured by several media outlets (Germany’s Freundin, Readers Digest in the US and Australia’s Luxury Travel Magazine) which highlight the beauty of the scenery, the local gastronomy, and the authenticity of the Greek island. Furthermore, Matador Network, the largest independent travel publisher in the world, points out Paros as the best holiday destination without bustling crowds.