Greek Daily News – 21/03/23

Greek daily news


Greeks are voting on Sunday (May 21) for a new government. The polls opened at 7am local time (04:00 GMT) and will close at 7pm (16:00 GMT). A first estimate of the vote count is expected at about 8:30pm (17:30 GMT). The main issues affecting voters are the economy-amid a biting cost of living crisis- jobs and security with neighbouring Turkey. If the polls are correct, no party will secure a majority, so Greeks are likely to face either a coalition government or a second vote in July.


Reduced tariffs in June (compared to those in May) were announced by the majority of electricity suppliers, following the decline in prices on the Energy Exchange, AMNA reported.


The Greek stock market ended the last week before the general election with gains, as the Athens Exchange (ATHEX) general index closed up 0.85% on a weekly basis.