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Greek Daily News 22/02/2024



-The Single Social Security Entity (EFKA) started sending 281,000 email messages to freelancers, self-employed professionals and farmers with debts of less than 2,000 euros each, in order for them to pay off or at least arrange their debts and maintain their insurance capacity by the end of the month, Kathimerini reported.


In Pireaus, the average asking price in commercial properties for sale (1,231 euros/sq.m) increased by 12.8% in 2023 compared to 2022 while regarding rents, the average asking price was 8.2 euros/sq.m., up 11.3% compared to last year, according to Spitogatos Insights.


Beekeepers gathered for a protest rally in Syntagma Square in Athens on Thursday and traffic on Amalias Street has been interrupted, AMNA reported. Among the problems the sector is facing are high procuction cost, unfair competition from imported honey labelled as “Greek” and prohition to enter forests or smoking the beehives in certain times.


More than 32.7 million tourists visited Greece in 2023, compared to 27.8 million travelers in 2022, according to data from the Bank of Greece. In particular, travel traffic through airports grew by 12.7%, while that through road border stations by 34.9%.