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Greek Daily News 27/04/2024



-Incidents of card fraud grew by 43% in 2023 on an annual basis and one of the main reasons is the rise in e-commerce, that is, where the transaction takes place without the use of a physical card, data included in the Financial Stability Report of the Bank of Greece showed.

-A total of 63,689 new jobs were created in the private sector in March 2024, according to the Ergani database. However, Greece only 67% of people aged 20-75 are employed, compared to an average of 75% in the rest of the European Union, Eurostat data reveal.

(Source: Eurostat)


Orders to remove illegal table seating in public places in Athens increased by 54% in the first quarter of 2024 on an annual basis, data from the Athens Municipality has shown.


Greek apricot production will reach 87,500 tons this year, marking a 6% drop compared to 2023 but a 13% increase over the five-year average, Europeche-the Association of National Organizations of Fishing Enterprises in the EU- estimates.