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Greek Daily News 29/04/2024



-Real wages, in Greece have been steadily dropping and are down 30% from their pre-financial crisis levels, leaving the country with one of the lowest average salaries among developed economies, OECD data reveal.

-The President of the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Vassilis Korkidis, anticipates that this year’s Easter turnover will surpass last year’s figure of 1.5 billion euros, To Vima reported.

-Intensive inspections in the agricultural market and along the Hellenic borders continue in anticipation of the Easter holiday period aiming to safeguard producers and consumers, Minister of Rural Development and Food, Lefteris Avgenakis told AMNA news agency.


As of Saturday (April 27), more than 157,000 Greek citizens had registered on the relevant online platform, to acquire the right to cast a postal vote for the upcoming June 9 European Parliament election. The deadline for postal vote registration expires today.


-Athens ranked 11th on the list of the top 20 European cities for a family science trip, according to a report by Ubuy, an international e-commerce platform. The Greek capital is home to five science museums and 142 museums overall.

(Source: Ubuy)

-Athens International Airport expects 30 million travelers in 2024, following a 16.5% increase in passenger traffic in the first quarter of the year.

-The airport of the Samos island was ranked the best by travelers visiting Greece while Crete’s Heraklion Airport the worst in 2023, according to a study released by tourism marketing firm Tourix. Factors taken into consideration included passenger experience, cleanliness, accessibility, and overall customer satisfaction.

-The demand of the new mayor of Athens, Haris Doukas, for an increase in the fees imposed on accommodation in the capital’s hotels in order to finance the increased needs for infrastructure and personnel created by the increase of tourists in the capital has triggered a confrontation with hoteliers, Kathimerini reported.

-A total of 107,204 citizens will be going on holiday this year subsidized by the Greek state under the government’s “Tourism for All 2024” program, according to the Tourism Ministry. Subsidies range from 200 euros to 400 euros.

-International arrivals to Greece via road marked a 12% hike or an additional 133,000 arrivals in the first quarter of 2024 to 1.2 million up from 1.1 million in 2023, data released by INSETE revealed. Bulgaria accounted for 382,823 inbound travelers, followed by Albania (331,708), and Northern Macedonia (315,038).