Hungarian Tour Operators & Travel Agents

Hungarian Tour Operators & Travel Agents

List of companies in Hungary to fulfill your international travel needs


In this page you will find tour operators and travel agents from Hungary in alphabetical order, offering vacation packages to Greece and other destinations around the world. The companies’ data and information are from their official websites and social media accounts. Our aim is to facilitate our readers find in one place at a glance various agents and operators in order to plan their holidays at their convenience.

Since 2002, Anubis Travel has been one of the most decisive, market-leading travel agencies in Hungary.
The company’s 22 years of professional experience and excellent relationship with foreign partners contribute to it success, thanks to which it provide a colorful hotel offer and outstanding services.

BUDAPEST: Anubis Travel has been providing all of the above to its passengers on its own charter flights for several years. The company’s credo is to satisfy the travel needs of our passengers and provide a cloudless and idyllic vacation from the youngest to the oldest.

Year founded: 2002  Branches:
Address: Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 12, Budapest, Hungary
Tel: +36 06-1-213-96-93
Email: Website:

BUDAPEST: Dive Hard Tours is a Hungarian travel agency that provides personalized tours with exclusive destinations. The agency was founded in 2005 with the aim of offering future travelers the trips the founders would like to take part in. In the early years the agency offered only diving trips (its name comes from this) but as more and more travelers requested other holiday programs as well, the agency included all the major tour operator trips in its offer.

Hungary Tour Operators Agents Dive Hard

Greece was added to the offer in 2008. They also offer discounted air travel and vacations to different parts of the world. The agency is known for visiting destinations before selling trip packages to travelers. As a result, it offers practical advice, lesser-known secrets, and local prices.

Year founded: 2005 Branches: 1 CEO: Dr Nikoletta Hendrik
Address:  Kassák Lajos u. 31, Budapest, Hungary
Tel: +36 1 785 8492
Email: Website:

BUDAPEST: Established in 1902, IBUSZ is the oldest and largest travel agency in Hungary and the best known brand in the tourism business. With its 122 years of experience, the popular travel agency is offering all-inclusive vacations and wellness trips, helping travelers discover destinations around the world including Greece. The agency also specializes in offering custom travel plans, full destination service including local attractions and gastronomic experiences, and sports trips.

Other key features include budget-friendly hotels and event venues, group cruises, international train tickets at attractive prices. The outstanding quality of travel arrangements is assured by a team of highly-trained, highly-qualified staff, a large portfolio of reliable suppliers and state-of-the-art technical infrastructure.

Year founded: 1902 Branches: 62 (18 in foreign countries) CEO: Termes Nóra
Address:  Dayka Gábor utca 3, Budapest, Hungary
Tel: +36 20 405 6470
Email: Website:

BUDAPEST: Founded in 1996 with the aim of offering high-quality vacation options at the best possible price, Kartago Tours is one of the top tour operators in Hungary. It is a member of the German REWE Group. The group’s tourism business is DER TOURISTIK which includes well-known tour operators and hotel chains such as ITS, KUONI, DER, CALIMERA, LTI, EXIM GROUP, the latter being the direct parent company of Kartago Tours.  

In numbers, this means 10 million passengers a year from 15 European countries.  Kartago Tours is known for providing last-minute discounts for world destinations and offers flexible tour packages and custom tours.

Year founded: 2006 Branches:CEO: Zsófia Bocsák
Address: Thokoly ut 21, Budapest, Hungary
Tel: +36 1 462 8 462 
Email: Website:

Established in 1984, OTP Travel Ltd. is one of the leading tour operators in Hungary. The founding owner, OTP Bank plc – one of the most significant banks in Central Europe – ensures reliable ownership and a solid financial background. The operation of the travel agency has been characterized by reliability and dynamic development since its inception.

For many years, OTP Travel has had the country’s largest financial institutions, Hungarian and mixed-owned companies, and ministries among its regular customers. OTP Travel provides comprehensive tourism services in its two offices in Budapest and eight offices in the countryside.

Year founded: 1984 Branches: 10 CEO: Judit Molnár
Address: Andrássy út 29, Budapest,1061, Hungary
Tel: +36 1 374 7283, 374-7284
Email: Website:

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