Oenorama Greece
Oenorama, Greece (Credit: Oenorama)

Oenorama 2024: The largest Greek wine expo is celebrating its 30 years


Showcasing Greek wines since 1994, Oenorama, the largest exhibition of Greek wines in the world celebrated its 30 years anniversary. With more than 250 exhibitors and over 2.500 wines and distillates, the wine fair was hosted at Zappeion Megaron, central Athens, between 2-4 March, 2024.

About 10.000 wine enthusiasts and industry professionals from Greece and abroad attended this year and had the opportunity to taste wines from almost all of the country’s protected origin areas, including old and rare wines, top obscure or forgotten varieties of vineyards, and various special wines made with unconventional or pioneering approaches.

Oenorama is the only place in the world that offers a complete overview of the Greek wine industry as well as productions of foreign origin. It seeks to effectively promote the wines, the wineries and the people behind the wines, both inside the exhibition and online with a dynamic presence on the social media.

During Oenorama 2024, Greek winemakers launched new wine productions on the market, while visitors met them at the special area “Tasting Gallery.” This year’s gallery theme is “New Releases,”
featuring 200+ recently released wines (January 2021 onwards) which guests tasted in ideal conditions: trade-only, walk-around, self-pour.

Oenorama 2024, Zappeio, Athens, Greece (Credit: Oenorama)

Additionally, the “Wine Revelations Hall” was featuring more than 30 “top obscure” wineries from all over Greece (50% new wineries since last year). The “Wine Bar” of the “Wine Revelations” featured 60+ wines from rare varietals, organic, biodynamic and natural winemaker, all poured and explained by a team of sommeliers.

Furthermore, oenological equipment and supplies (always part of Oenorama) were on display at the show’s entrance. Oenorama 2024 also celebrated international participation, hosting winemakers from Cyprus and Lebanon, highlighting the international interest in Greek wines.

Recently, Greece made it to the top 10 on the list of the world’s best wine destinations, according to the Wine Lover’s Index 2023, released by luggage storage & package acceptance company Bounce.

(Wine Lovers Index 2023 Source: Bounce)

Each country was ranked on the following factors, giving each country a normalized score out of ten for each factor, before taking an average of these scores: consumption, production, exports, vineyards, wine tours, and the average cost of a bottle of wine, as they “all play a part in planning the perfect wine-lovers vacation”.

Wine consumption, production exports, and vineyards as surface area of the country were sourced from the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) State of the World Vitivinicultural Sector in 2020 report.  

Greece ranked 6th on Bounce’s list of desirable wine tourism destinations with an average score of 5.24/10 with an average cost of a bottle of wine at 6.77 US dollars. In 2022, Greece entered the list of the Top 20 of the world’s best wine destinations to visit, released by the Compare the Market company (Australian branch).