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List of companies in Romania to fulfill your international travel needs


In this page you will find tour operators and travel agents from Romania in alphabetical order, offering vacation packages to Greece and other destinations around the world. The companies’ data and information are from their official websites and social media accounts. Our aim is to facilitate our readers find in one place at a glance various agents and operators in order to plan their holidays at their convenience.

Admiral Travel is operating more than 12 years in the tourism market. It has 50 travel experts who are constantly trained, follow trends and speak 5 languages. Over 200 thousand satisfied clients from more than 15 different countries were sent on their dream vacation to over 100 destinations.

The company has two offices in Moldova’s Chisinau and one in Bucharest and 1.7 million accommodation options in its database, available for booking. Admiral Travel selects tours and excursions tailored to the clients’ needs and budget, provides transfers, arranges insurance, and explains how to use it, and stays in touch throughout the clients’ vacation.

Year founded: Branches: 3 CEO: Garbuz Ivan

Address: Bucharest, Romania & Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Tel: +40 31 827 0100

Email: Website:

BUCHAREST: Founded in 1997 Aerotravel has become one of the strongest travel agencies in Romania, which offers both companies and individual tourists a complete portfolio of products and services. Currently, Aerotravel Group includes Aerotravel (national network specialized in business tourism and corporate events), Fabrica de vacante (which offers tourist packages in any destination through agencies and online), the tour operator CruiseHub (which offers cruises on all the seas and oceans of the world) and AeroVacante.

AeroVacante offers flights including to Greece’s Skiathos island (departing from Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca and Timisoara) as well as other countries. AeroVacante collaborates with a national network of over 500 partner travel agencies, distributed throughout Romania. AeroTravel is headquartered in Bucharest and has branches in other Romanian cities including Brasov, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Sibiu, Oradea.

Year founded: 1997 Branches: 7 CEO: Antonio Nitu,

Address: 26 Nicolae Balcescu Bd., District 1, Bucharest, Romania

Tel: +40 21 316 73 06 Mobile: +40 73 120 20 70

Email: Website:

The Alltur team is made up of motivated and prepared people (through internal or external specialization and communication training) to high standards for the satisfaction of the customer, consumer of tourism products.

Over the years, the agency has accumulated experience and evolved, offering clients from Bucharest but also from the rest of Romania, the best possible tourism consultancy. Having over 45 suppliers and partners, Alltur guides you and finds you the best offers from the tens of thousands available.

Year founded: 2003 Branches: 1 CEO:

Address: 50 Carol I Bd., District 2, Bucharest, Romania

Tel: +40 21 3101276, +40 21 3101277

Email: Website:

CONSTANTA: Captain Travel is a travel agency established in 2007 and an expert in personalized vacations. For over 15 years, Captain Travel means trust and professionalism, a high degree of customer satisfaction, numerous Excellence Awards and the highest quality services.

The agency is organizing vacations in Greece and other destinations, exotic vacations, last minute offers and more. Among its partners are TezTour, DerTour, Meiers Weltreisen, Gta by TravelPort, Amadeus.

Year founded: 2007 Branches: 1 CEO: Razvan Comanescu

Address: 76 Soveja str., block FT3, Constanta, Romania

Tel: +40 241 825 115

Email: Website:

TIMISOARA: Cardinal is offering clients from Timisoara but also from the rest of Romania, professional tourism consultancy. The company has over 45 suppliers and partners working with them every day, giving Cardinal access to the full global service offering.

Having invested in technology, the company is able to offer modern online travel solutions, Early Booking, Last Minute or Flight, Accommodation and City Break services. Beyond modern technology, Cardinal believes its staff makes a great contribution to any traveler, consulting and offering the best solutions.

Year founded: 1991 Branches: 1 CEO: Andreea Dorobantu

Address: 3 Piatra Craiulu str., Timisoara, Romania

Tel: +40 256 490 358, +40 256 491 904

Email: Website:

BUCHAREST : Tour operator Coral Travel, part of Coral Travel Group (OTI Holding), entered the Romanian market in 2023. Coral Travel, the Group’s main tour operator brand, started its operations in 1994 and now operates in Belarus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Georgia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey and Ukraine.

Romanian tour operators Coral

Coral Travel organizes package tours and sells flight tickets to customers from all segments. It sends guests to more than 90 destinations in 40 countries. In addition to sea, ski and cultural tourism, it has a portfolio suitable for every budget with its wide service and product network with event, congress, sports and other types of tourism.

Year founded: 1994 Branches: 1515 CEO: Ayhan Bektas

Address: Global City Business Park, 10 Bucharest Nord Street, O23 Building, Bucharest, Romania

Tel: +40 31 490 50 50 Emergency assistance: +40 736 201 201

Email: Website:

BUCHAREST: Cristian Tour was founded in 1997 by Cristian Pandel as a small family business driven by his passion for mountaineering and hiking. From one single office in 1999, the company managed to open 34 offices across Romania till 2004 and organically turned into the country’s go-to leisure tour operator. In 2010, an ambitious expansion started through the opening of its first offices abroad including Greece.

Romanian tour operators Christian Tour
One of the Cristian Tour offices (Credit: Cristian Tour)

In 2011, Memento Group was founded by Mr Pandel. Memento Group is the regional leader in travel industries & related services, reaching customers through an ecosystem of 7 pillar-brands: Christian Tour, Memento Bus, Memento Holidays, Pandels Properties, iMemento, Fabrica de Asigurari and Memento Hotels.

Year founded: 1997 Branches: 55 CEO: Cristian Pandel

Address: 25 Nicolae Balcescu Bd., District 1, Bucharest, Romania

Tel Cristian Tour: +40 31 710 55 13 Tel Memento: +40 21 270 00 99

Email:  Website:

BUCHAREST: Germany’s Dertour, also present in Romania, is positioned as a tour operator and sales brand and has the largest stationary sales network in Romania. In the Romanian tour operator segment, the focus is on package tours. Dertour brings to Romania more than 6 brands of hotel chains and has 52 travel agencies in 37 Romanian cities. Dertour is also active as a tour operator in Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland.

Romanian tour operators Dertour

Around 1,800 travel experts in more than 400 Dertour travel agencies advise their customers either personally in the branch, by telephone, via chat, video call or email as well as online. DerTour is part of REWE Group, one of Europe’s largest retail and tourism groups.

Year founded: 2018 Branches: 52 CEO: Cosmin Marinof

Address: 3-5 Reinvieriii str., Europa Primex building, Bucharest, Romania

Tel: +40 21 316 08 90, +40 21 316 07 82

Email:  Website:

CLUJ-NAPOCA: Founded in 1993 in Cluj-Napoca, Eximtur is one of the leading and most reliable travel companies in Romania. The business is organized in four divisions: business travel and event management, leisure travel, incoming and tourism school. The company has a strong presence in Romania through a network that consists of 12 travel agencies, 6 owned and 6 franchises, in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Sibiu, Suceava, Constanta, Iasi, Medias, Alba-Iulia, Hunedoara and Resita.

Romanian tour operators Eximtour
One of the Eximtur agencies (Credit: Eximtur)

Starting 2017, Eximtur is affiliated with UNIGLOBE Travel International, being the only Romanian company connected to this internationally advanced business travel management system with access to a wide range of state-of-the-art technology solutions that are capitalized in the benefit of company’s corporate customers. Eximtur has served to date more than 3 million customers and more than 2500 companies.

Year founded: 1993 Branches: 12 CEO: Lucia Nora Morariu

Address: 16 Nichita Stanescu str., Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Tel: +40 364 803 803 Fax: +40 0364 803804

Email:  Website:

BUCHAREST : Europa Travel is a travel agency that was born in 2004, offering vacation packages to destinations around the world. On average, more than 15,000 tourists annually choose stays and tours in destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa or America.

Among the famous campaigns organized by Europa Travel, is “Holidays for 1 euro”. It offered packages from just 1 euro, for destinations such as Paralia Katerini in Pieria and the Ionian island of Corfu. This had a far-reaching national impact. Europa Travel is the first low cost tourism company to have the courage to portray itself publicly as such. The company has 151 partner agents in 44 places across Romania.

Year founded: 2004 Branches: 44 CEO: Teodor Calimanescu

Address: 246 Traian str., District 2, Bucharest, Romania

Tel: +40 Fax: +40 212010906

Email: Website:

BUCHAREST : Founded as a family business in 1994, Happy Tour became the most trusted provider of tourism services and the first Romanian travel agency specialized in business tourism in 2001. Happy Tour was acquired at the end of 2007 by the Spanish fund GED Eastern Fund II. In 2011 it became the official partner of FCM Travel Solutions in Romania, being part of the worldwide network with local presence in 90+ countries.

In 2021, Happy Tour was acquired by Hey Be Well! AG. With a network of 71 own and associated agencies, counting 89 point of sales in 51 cities in Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova, Happy Tour is one of the biggest players on the travel market. Happy Tour has been awarded as Romania’s Leading Travel Management Company by World Travel Awards in 2021, 2022 and 2023.

Year founded: 1994 Branches: 71 CEO: Javier Garcia del Valle

Address: 159 Calea Plevnei, Business Garden, Building B, District 6, Bucharest, Romania

Tel: +40 21 307 06 00 Emergency assistance: +40 21 9884 000

Email:  Website:

BUCHAREST : Founded in 1996, Karpaten Turism is one of the leading providers of travel services in Romania and the Balkans, having served more than one million tourists from all over the world. There are currently 4 companies belonging to the Karpaten Group: Karpaten Turism, Karpaten Hotels, Karpaten Logistics, Karpaten Outgoing.

One of Karpaten Turism branches (Credit: Karpaten Turism)

Karpaten Turism has reached a number of 14 own agencies in 11 cities of Romania: Bucharest, Brasov, Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu, Ploiești, Iasi, Timisoara, Targu Mureș, Constanta, Buzau and Galati. The company was awarded the title of “Best Incoming Agency in Romania” at TopHotelAwards in 2016, 2018 and 2019, and at the gala in 2021 it won the 1st Prize in the Best Initiative for Supporting Global Tourism category.

Year founded: 1996 Branches: 14 CEO: Prof. Dr. George Marginean

Address: 77A Teleajen str., District 2, Bucharest, Romania

Tel: +40 374 009 192, +40 213 233 006

Email:  Website:

SLATINA: The OLTEXTUR travel agency is a family business established in 1992, as the successor of the former Olt County Tourism Office (OJT), out of the passion for tourism and the opportunities offered by this field. The basic activity, in the first years, was domestic tourism and group bus tours in Europe. Over time, the agency has developed, becoming the market leader in Slatina and the Oltenia region.

Its offer portfolio currently includes charter vacations in various destinations including Greece, individual vacations, circuits by plane (including distant destinations) and personalized vacations in Europe and exotic destinations. In 2009 the company opened an office in Bucharest.

Year founded: 1990 Branches: 2 CEO: Elena Sfarlea

Address: Str. Independentei, Bl T3, Slatina, Romania

Tel: +40 249 411 411 Mobile: +40 758 106 141

Email:  Website:

BUCHAREST : Paralela 45, founded in April 1990, by 2 friends, Alin Burcea and Adrian Grigorescu, is one of Romania’s best-known tour companies and, arguably, the most trusted travel brand in the country. It has a network of forty-eight branches, located in all the main cities and towns in Romania, serving travelers from the whole world.

Staff at one of Paralela 45 branches (Images credit: Paralela 45)

Today, Paralela 45 has 11 charter flights to Greece, with weekly departures to the islands of Santorini, Rhodes, Crete – Chania and Heraklion, Zakynthos, Samos, Lesbos, Corfu. Every year, new destinations are added to the departures table. In 2018, two islands less known to Romanians were introduced to the portfolio – Samos and Lesbos, two authentic islands. In 2019, Crete was the most requested island for holidays.

Year founded: 1990 Branches: 48 CEO: Dr. Ec. Alin Burcea

Address: 29-31 Regina Elisabeta Bd., District 5, Bucharest, Romania

Tel: +40 374 45 45 45 Emergency assistance: +40 374 106 406

Email:   Website:

With more than 20 years of experience and more than 35 travel consultants, Perfect Tour is a travel agency with offices in Bucharest and four other cities across Romania offering tailor-made vacation packages.

Combining energy and enthusiasm with years of experience, the team of Perfect Tour is ready to meet the needs of its customers, planning and organizing and continuing to propose innovative ideas and quality services.

Year founded: Branches: 5 CEO: Ruxandra Radu

Address: 14 Decebal bd., Bucharest, Romania

Tel: +40 031 9596

Email: Website:

The Sea Line Travel Agency was established in 2007 out of passion and the desire to offer vacations at the seaside at the best possible rates. From a simple transfer, a coach transport on a charter trip or a stay by plane to the sea for popular or exclusive destinations

the company can offer solutions that correspond to your budget. You choose where you want to reach the sea, the rest is taken care of Vacation Tourism Agency La Mare by Sea Line Travel.

Year founded: 2007 Branches: 1 CEO: Marian Tudor

Address: Bdul. 1 Decembrie 1918, Nr. 2, Bucharest, Romania

Tel: +40 21 211 59 87

Email: Website:

IASI: Sindi Tour was established in 2008 and is the travel agency of the Union of Trade Syndicate of Pre-University Education Iasi. The travel agency fulfills all your wishes in terms of vacations, team-building, delegations, dinners, honeymoons and the list goes on.

SindiTour treats you as a friend, not as a customer and invests passion, attention and exactingness in every step.

Year founded: 2008 Branches: 1 CEO: Bucher Denisa

Address: 2 Tutora Blvd., Bl. B2, Sc. B, Iasi, Romania

Tel: + 40 756 216 216

Email: Website:

BUCHAREST: Tez Tour is a tour operator that has been on the market since 1994. TEZ TOUR specializes in the provision of travel services presented on different market segments: mass tourism, corporate travel and group events, hotel room and plane ticket reservations, recreation for children, as well as VIP stays.

In 2019, the company launched an online aggregator of travel products and services for tourism professionals – TEZ Plus. The service offers the possibility to book plane tickets, hotels, trips and transfers all over the world, in a single window, as well as to dynamically combine all the selected travel products in a single package.

Year founded: 2007 Branches: 1 CEO: Andrei Sandu

Address: 1 Herastrau str., District 1, Bucharest, Romania

Tel: +40 21 230 00 23, +40 31 805 22 90

Email: Website:

Travel Planner is among the first online travel agencies in Romania. During its 16 years of activity, it has organized over 30,000 vacations for over 150,000 tourists. The agency is dedicated to responsibly helping any family to plan vacations quickly and efficiently at an affordable price.

Travel Planner is also dedicated to customer satisfaction and that is why 98% of tourists recommend the agency’s services (data obtained from over 16,000 reviews).

Year founded: 2009 Branches: 1

Address: 17 Splaiul Independentei str., Bucharest, Romania

Tel: +40 37 44 33 999

Email: Website:

IASI: The travel agency Book & Travel, owner of the website, was founded in Iasi in 2012 and expanded to Bucharest in 2016. The company also has offices in Brasov and Craiova. Travos offers vacation packages at competitive prices at multiple destinations including Greece.

It also provides real-time tourist advice, complex travel insurances, customization of holidays and various payment options. The company is constantly improving its service portfolio, in order to be able to meet the needs of travelers.

Year founded: 2012 Branches: 4

Address: 29 Calea Chisinaului, Corp M, stand 28-30, Iasi, Romania

Tel: +40 376 444 888

Email: Website:

TARGU MURES: The travel agency True Travel (Erc Smart SRL) is a Romanian tourism brand born in Targu Mures, which offers plane tickets, City Breaks (from all airports in Romania), tourist service packages (stays and tours), travel services (insurance, airport transfer, etc.), anywhere in the world.

Romanian tour operators True Travel

True Travel was born out of a sincere passion to travel the world and above all a strong desire to share this with the rest of the world and help others have this opportunity too.

Year founded: 2013 Branches: 1 CEO: Constantin Ercean

Address: 27 Bolyai str., Targu Mures, Romania

Tel: +40 265 200 250 Mobile: +40 754 54 01 01

Email: Website:

CONSTANTA: The mission of World Tours is to create an unforgettable vacation. Since time plays an essential role in everyone’s life, the team of the agency accepts reservations and last-minute changes, while also trying to offer customers the optimal solution in the shortest possible time.

Romania tour operators World Tours

World Tours provides customers with a well-structured offer that covers all tastes and preferences: from cultural products intended for a more mature market segment, to special “party” type products for young people.

Year founded: 2022 Branches: 1

Address: 382a Mamaia Blvd., Constanta, Romania

Mobile: +40 753 025 555

Email: Website:

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