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Aerial panoramic view over Kozani city, Western Macedonia, Greece Photo 208595878 © Pilotf18 | Dreamstime.com

Western Macedonia (Region of Greece)

Based at the city of Kozani, the region's administrative centre and divided into four regional units: Florina, Grevena, Kastoria, and Kozani



The Region of Western Macedonia, famous for its rich heritage, is situated in the northern part of Greece and is the only landlocked region in the country. The nature of the region is mountainous, with 11 NATURA protected areas, two National Parks, eight lakes, rivers, valleys and a number of significant archaeological and geological sites. The capital of the region is Kozani, located in the northern part of the Aliakmonas River valley. Other historic cities are Ptolemaida, Kastoria, Grevena, and Florina. Packed with sights such as Prespa National Park, the mountain village of Nymfaio with the Arcturos Bear Sanctuary, the valley of Valia Kalda in Grevena, the ski centers of Vasilitsa in Grevena, Pisoderi in Florina and Vitsi in Kastoria; Western Macedonia is for those who want to get a once-in-a-lifetime experience and will come back again to see more.


In ancient times, Western Macedonia was part of the Kingdom of Macedon, and subjugated by King Philip II, the father of Alexander the Great. The region played a key role in myth and legend. After the Romans conquered the region, it became a key trading center, which it retained under the following Byzantine administration. In the 14th century, Western Macedonia was taken over by the Ottoman Turks. Despite the fact that Ottoman control had a significant impact on the region’s culture, Western Macedonia played a prominent role in the Greek War of Independence (1821) and the Macedonian Fight against the Bulgarians (1904-1908). The region was liberated and returned to the Greek nation in 1912.


The regional economic profile is mostly associated with the energy industry (lignite excavation for power generation) and the fur industry. At the peak of lignite production, more than 34% of the Gross Added Value of the region, about € 1.5 billion, came from the mining and energy sector. However, the virgin landscapes provide a fruitful ground for tourism to develop.

>Gross regional product

Total: €4.0 billion Per capita: €17,700


The region of Western Greece is bordering with the regions of Central Macedonia (east), Thessaly (south), Epirus (west), and bounded to the north at the international borders of Greece with the Republic of North Macedonia and Albania. The region was established in 1987. Along with the neighboring Epirus region it is supervised by the Ioannina-based Decentralized Administration of Epirus and Western Macedonia.

Region’s capital: Kozani Region’s area: 9,451 km2 Region’s population (2021): 255,056 Postal Address: Region of Western Macedonia, Urban Planning Zone (ZEP) 50100, Kozani, Greece Region’s Website: www.pdm.gov.gr Region’s touristic website: https://www.visitwestmacedonia.gr/en Tel: +30 24610 53110-4

Georgios Amanatidis Regional Governor of Western Macedonia

Georgios Amanatidis was born in Messiani, Kozani. He studied agronomy at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and is a holder of a Master’s degree in Strategic Management and Business Administration. In October 2023 he was elected regional governor of Western Macedonia.

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